Finus Series
Your Reliable Diagnostic Partner
Hi Platform
The Hi Platform is a second generation beam-forming technology on ultrasound imaging system.
By equipping Focus & Fusion’s unique Harmony Imaging platform, the resolution of entire field, penetration on deeper tissue and ability of capturing moving tissue will be significantly improved.
Multiple Beams
5000+ Frames/s
Advanced Functions
  • Real-time Elastography Imaging
    Real time elastography is a new noninvasive and painless technology that can help determine the hardness of organs and other structures such as the breast, thyroid and prostate. Elastic imaging provides users with dynamic visual information and displays the rigidity of organs, which is helpful for direct and quantitative diagnosis and treatment.
  • Pulse Inversion Contrast-enhanced
    Pulse inversion contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging technology can accurately extract the second harmonic of contrast microbubbles, realize contrast-enhanced imaging with high contrast-to-tissue ratio, and provide more detailed diagnosis for clinic.
  • Needle Enhancement
    Based on the accurate ultrasonic beam steering and image fusion technology, the needle body can be enhanced to the greatest extent, which can effectively guide doctors to perform puncture operations.
  • Auto IMT
    The intelligent algorithm can automatically recognize the carotid intima-media and realize the early diagnosis of atherosclerosis.
Enhanced Ergonomics
For reducing ultrasound physicians’ burden during their daily scanning, the Finus series was designed with ergonomics in mind. Providing all users comfortable and intuitive experience is one of Finus’s commitments to be reliable diagnostic partner.
Designed by users for users
  • 15.6” high resolution monitor.
  • 3 active transducer ports on trolley.
  • Magnesium Alloy body for protection.
  • Sinking handle for better wrist gesture.
  • Compact system weight only about 4.3kg.
  • Less buttons for simplified workflow.
Focus & Fusion provides a wide range of transducers for different applications, including Convex, linear, phase-array, micro-convex, single crystal cardiac probe, etc. With Focus & Fusion's unique BTM transducer technique, the performance goes beyond users' expectations.