Cetus Series
Powerful and Versatile
Hi Platform
Based on the advanced Hi platform, full range of self-developed transducers, rich imaging processing
software and excellent design, Cetus series has outstanding image quality and balanced performance as
a mid-range work horse for the doctors.
Multiple Beams
5000+ Frames/s
Advanced Functions
  • Panoramic Imaging
    Panoramic view of ultrasound is an imaging process which could produce a panoramic image providing both qualitative and quantitative information.
  • Contrast-enhanced ultrasound
    Pulse inversion contrast-enhance ultrasound (CEUS) imaging technology can accurately extract the second harmonic of contrast micro-bubbles, realize contrast-enhanced imaging with high contrast-to-tissue ratio, and provide more detailed diagnosis for clinic.
  • Elastography
    Real-time elastography is a new noninvasive and painless technology that can help determine the hardness of organs and other structures such as the breast, thyroid and prostate. Elastic imaging provides users with dynamic visual information and displays the rigidity of organs, which is helpful for direct and quantitative diagnosis and treatment.
  • TDI Tissue Doppler Imaging
    Tissue Doppler Imaging(TDI) is a robust and reproducible echocardiographic tool that employs the Doppler effect to assess muscle wall characteristics throughout the cardiac cycle including velocity, displacement, deformation, and event timings. It has permitted a quantitative assessment of both global and regional function and timing of myocardial events.
Enhanced Ergonomics
21.5" high resolution monitor and 13.3" touch screen support multi-angle adjustment. Built-in lithium battery supports up to 2 hours continuous scanning. Intuitive center control panel increase the efficiency of doctors' daily work.
Designed by users for users
  • High resolution LCD monitor
  • Angle adjustable touch screen
  • Height adjustable and rotatable control panel
  • Comfortable palm rest
  • Gel warmer
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Independent wheel lock
Focus & Fusion provides a wide range of transducers for different applications, including Convex, linear, phase-array, micro-convex, single crystal cardiac probe, etc. With Focus & Fusion's unique BTM transducer technique, the performance goes beyond users' expectations.