Danus 10 Series
Hi Platform
Harmony Imaging Platform
Transducer Technology
Anti-Interference Technology
Advanced Functions
  • Fingerprint Login System
    Multi-account management with one-key fingerprint login system allows users to switch different accounts easily and meets the customized setting needs.
  • fCharge
    To charge any device that
    supports wireless charging.
  • fCustom
    The parameter details of touch
    screen can be customized
    according to doctors' needs.
  • fIntelligent
    Users can customize intelligent
    mode image style and quickly
    switch between different image
    styles to meet users' diverse needs.
Enhanced Ergonomics
Danus 10 breaks traditional pattern by creating something new and original, providing excellent user experience by innovation.
Designed by users for users
  • 21.5 inch High-definition LCD Monitor
  • 10.4 inch Sensitive Touch Screen
  • DFS (Damping Folding System) Monitor Arm
  • Ultimate Mobility (< 80cm)
  • 4 Oblique Transducer Ports
  • Mega Battery (> 3h continuous scanning)
  • Electromagnetic Unlock
Focus & Fusion provides a wide range of transducers for different applications, including convex, linear, phased-array, micro-convex, single crystal transducers, etc. With Focus & Fusion's unique BTM transducer technique, the performance goes beyond users' expectations.