High-end Technologies
Single crystal probes
The ultra-high electromechanical coupling coefficient k33 (>92%) and piezoelectric coefficient d33 (~2000pc/N) of single crystal materials can significantly improve bandwidth and sensitivity of the probes, so as to effectively improve the SNR, resolution and penetration of ultrasound images, providing clearer images with more details.
Piezoelectric composite probes
Due to anisotropic characteristic of piezoelectric composite materials, the interference of other vibration modes to thickness mode is effectively reduced. Better flexibility and processability ensures performance consistency among the array elements. Lower acoustic impedance contributes to reducing energy loss and reflection between mediums. Lower mechanical quality factor(Q) can help to improve bandwidth of the probes.
About BTM
Bonding Process
By Uniform Bonding process, adhesive to interconnect ceramic and lead is well controlled (maximum thickness: 1um) to improve performance uniformity among elements.
Triple Matching Layers
Better sensitivity and bandwidth can be achieved through triple matching layers.
Micro Element
By micro-processing, one element is cut into several sub-elements (minimum size: 75um) to increase sensitivity and bandwidth of transducer.
Benefits of BTM
Precisely control